Characteristics of Live Handball Betting Lines lớn learn with 91 clubs

Such a line for one of the matches of the 2020 European Championship can be seen at bookmaker Parimatch, which stands out for its in-depth coverage of sporting events.

The presented screen displays all the special features of the handball line of the bookmakers:

High profits
Within the framework of the championships are underrated. Bookmakers” analysts frequently make mistakes, inaccurately assessing the current balance of nguồn, which is why an effective safety net is used – profit margins soar

More relevant lớn the top leagues
Notable movements in odds are observed in the championships of Germany, France, Spain và Russia. This is worth noting for betting fans based on the notable changes in the line.

Right within the framework of the Euro 2020 match “Portugal – Hungary”. BC Parimatch has offered 6.87% odds và this is a top tournament. On the total deposit amount is 6.95%.

At Betcity you can see this additional picture for the match “Portugal – Hungary”. This is a clear + plus, but the operator gave an even higher profit margin in the results – 7.42%.

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Experienced sports bettors bởi not recommend betting on events with a profit margin exceeding 7%; With such an indicator, it is extremely difficult lớn play profitably.

But even taking into tài khoản all these circumstances. Handball still allows, with the right approach, to gain a distance advantage. The basis of success is the correct analysis of the selected meeting & knowledge of certain patterns.

How lớn Analyze Handball Betting Matches

Procedure for conducting analytical work in handball betting. Handball matches are not much different from other sports. The adjustment here is to know what lớn pay attention to.

Command structure
Some important players need lớn be closely monitored. Goalkeepers and most effective handball players.

Goalkeepers in handball miss dozens of times more times than in soccer. And even hockey, but their role in handball confrontations is simply invaluable. A talented goalkeeper who often helps his teammates. Can play a decisive role in the fight against opponents of equal strength.

Each team has một-2 offensive leaders who score the most points thanks lớn their excellent physical shape và strong throwing nguồn. An injury to such a player will significantly reduce the team”s potential.

Experienced bettors closely màn hình transfers. Of such handball players. Because their movements create significant changes in the teams” balance of power nguồn.

Game tactics
Many strong teams don”t start from the beginning. They are gradually gaining momentum, which sometimes creates a wrong impression about them. Users tìm kiếm that outsiders are not much inferior in playing level to such favorites. Bet directly on the outsider”s positive handicap in the 2nd half. The leader of the match now gains momentum và wins big. As a result, the bet was unsuccessful.

Combat dynamics và current game form. Here you need lớn clearly understand the championship. It”s better lớn choose several tournaments, spend time carefully studying them and tìm kiếm out who is fighting for championship medals, etc.

A classic situation from the German championship is highly appreciated. Where two bright spots allow experienced bettors lớn place winning bets.

How to Play Correctly in Live Handball Betting Strategy
How lớn play before the start of the meeting has been described in detail above. Many bettors prefer to bet on live totals. Let”s take a look at some promising live strategies for handball.

Low performance in the first half

There is a pattern that often repeats itself in this sport. If in the first half the two teams showed low performance và scored significantly below average for the entire championship. Then in the second half, you can safely bet on the “overall” for the second half of the match. This trực tuyến strategy uses the theory of averaging which works well.

First half route

Normally, a club that has beaten its opponents in the first half of a match will slow tải về in the second half. Meanwhile, on the contrary, the losing opponent will regain momentum. This allows you lớn make profitable bets on the losing đội nhóm”s + plus points. Only in the second half of the match. But if you keep in mind some other points then in the end the probability of winning. In the indicated situation will increase significantly.

The case presented is simply an ideal situation. The top team of the German championship defeated the home đội nhóm in the first half with a score of 10:17 and gained a good advantage. In the second half, the leader saved his strength for the next match in the Champions League. Takes place on the road two days later. On the contrary, the home team played more improved

& finally won in the second half with a score of 16:13.

As practice shows, players are well versed in handball betting. It is often possible to place a winning bet. And gradually gain a good advantage at a distance, ignoring the main negative characteristics of betting lines for handball matches.



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